Amazing Sunsets

I have been negligent in not posting to my photography blog for some time, something I should try to correct as I have some upcoming travel and interesting activities planned.

I have been spending the last few days in Cape Canaveral Florida and dutifully getting up and walking to the beach to photograph the sunrise. Although all were beautiful this one stood out because of the rays which extended skyward from the clouds. I hope you like it.


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The Latest Addition to My Flickr 100 Strangers Project

Some time ago I started the Flickr 100 Strangers project to help me improve my portrait photography skills. I only needed 15 more portraits to finish the project but for one reason or another have not been able to start working on the project. I thought my trip to Japan and Hawaii might have presented opportunities but my schedule has been relatively hectic and I didn’t find an opportunity until yesterday when I met Carla.  Here is her picture I took in Hawaii. Please visit her photo I posted in the Flickr 100 Strangers for the rest of the details. 

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Carla who I met while wait

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Lest We Forget – Remembrance Day 2014

Remembrance day is always a special day as we remember those who gave their lives so we could enjoy the freedom we have in Canada today. We received a reminder of how fragile that freedom can be this year as two members of our armed forces were killed here at home. We need to continue to remember those who gave their lives and the armed forces who help maintain that freedom today.

A group that helps us remember the role aviation played during the war is the Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association who restore and continue to fly planes, especially Harvards that played an important role in training our pilots. I had the privilege of flying with them in a four plane formation to a memorial service on Sunday November 9th. Here is a picture from that flight.


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Appreciation – Waterfront Entertainers

Those who know me are well aware of my limited to non existent musical abilities and interest but having recently visited old Quebec City and Halifax Historic Properties, I must admit the entertainers who perform in these areas certainly add to the atmosphere and make these places more interesting to visit. Whether the performers are just beginning their careers or if they have been at it for twenty years, they are interesting individuals and they all have a story.  Asking them to participate in the 100 Strangers Flickr project is one way to meet the entertainers and and find out some of their story. Today I met Matt and Adelle who were both playing and singing on the Halifax waterfront and it was a pleasure to speak to both of them. Thanks to both of you for helping me with my photography project and I wish you well with your music careers. Here is a link to the photos I have taken for the 100 Strangers project. 


Here is a link to Matt’s pictures on Flickr.


Here is a link to Adelle’s picture on Flickr

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Pictures From Space

The highlight of the recent Exposure Photo Video show in Toronto was a feature presentation by  Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield. I won’t list his many accomplishments because the link I just provided takes you to his bio on the Canadian Space Agency web site. He was introduced by Ed Robertson, lead singer of the Bare Naked Ladies with whom he co wrote the song “Is Someone Singing” which he performed from the the international space station.

Although no time was scheduled for astronauts to take pictures he was able to take approximately 45000 pictures from the international space station, a vantage point very few individuals will have the privilege of using for their photography. Here is a link to some of his pictures. 

Mr Hadfield is an excellent motivational speaker with a desire to inspire and motivate young people to follow their dreams, which he does very effectively. His pictures from space can help young people put themselves into perspective with the rest of the world and help them shape their dreams and life. When looking at the earth from space one can get a sense of the fragility of the world.

When sharing photography on social media he stressed the importance of commenting on what you liked about a specific photograph or what you were thinking about when you saw or took it to help open up a two way dialogue. His pictures were taken with a Nikon D3 using 400mm, 50mm and a fisheye lens. Although taking photos from space provides one with an excellent vantage point to view earth, the radiation takes a toll on the cameras by damaging the sensors within a few months as individual pixels cease to function.

From his perspective, the best part of being in space is the ability to fly and he characterized the trip as “a really good ride” and recommended it to anyone who has a chance to do it.




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Playing With Sunsets

While watching the sun set over Sanibel Island from Fort Myers Beach FL, I observed a couple of girls creating a shot which made it look like one of them was holding the setting sun. I just had to see if they were successful so I asked them and the image in their camera looked very good. I offered to give them the pictures I took for them and I hope they will send me their trick shot. Here is a picture of the setting sun and one of Camilla and Kristine who are vacationing from Denmark. It was a pleasure meeting you and I hope you enjoy the rest of your vacation in California. There should be some good sunset shots there.




If you enjoy sunsets you may want to check out my sunrises and sunsets set on 500px or the sunrises and sunsets gallery on my web site to see a few of my favourite sunsets and sunrises.

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From Maternity to Baby Pictures

Nothing gives one more joy than seeing a new life come into our world and gradually developing into a person one can get to know.  I have had the rewarding experience of documenting two pregnancies and I was recently introduced to Breven, a new life and the result of the last pregnancy who just entered this world. I was recently reminded how precious and brief life can be having recently lost my wife of 46 years and shortly thereafter I was introduced to Breven a life which she watched with joy growing in her mother’s womb but did not live long enough to meet herself.

Here is a picture of Breven just one month old. Doesn’t he look like he is ready to take on the world?


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With Sadness Saying Goodbye to My Sweetheart

It is with sadness that I say goodbye to my sweetheart Brenda, my wife of 46 years who died unexpectedly at home on December 27th. In everything which Brenda did and to everyone with whom she came in contact Brenda revealed the character of Christ as she strove to be an influence and an example for Him.


Information about the funeral service or to leave condolences please see Brenda’s section on the Chapel Ridge funeral home web site. 

Here is another picture of Brenda surrounded by our five grandchildren, the joy of her life.


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My Christmas Present from 500px

Most days I try to take a few minutes and sign into the 500px photo sharing service to see what new photos have been uploaded and to look for ideas for photos I might like to take myself. I also upload some of what I consider to be my best photos to share them with other 500px users. I am always interested to see how my photos are received by other 500px members.

I was very pleased with the response I received on the last photo I uploaded which is shown below, with the 93.7 rating it received that moved it into their highest “popular” category.  Thank you to the 500px members for the positive feedback you provided on this photo, I consider it a nice early Christmas present. Here is a link to my profile and other photos on 500px  and also a link to some other ice storm pictures I uploaded to Flickr.

Google ChromeScreenSnapz054

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Hallowe’en 2013

Hallowe’en can present a lot of photo opportunities and I believe one could assemble quite an interesting collection if they had the time . I did not have much time for Hallowe’en photography this year but I thought I should document the photos I did capture to remind myself to try to budget more time next year.  I uploaded some of the best shots to a Flickr set Hallowe’en 2013.  Thanks to Julie and daughter Elisabeth with whom I did a brief Hallowe’en photo-shoot, Jasmine and daughter Lily and the staff at Tim Horton’s in New Hamburg. You all looked great.


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