Pictures From Space

The highlight of the recent Exposure Photo Video show in Toronto was a feature presentation by  Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield. I won’t list his many accomplishments because the link I just provided takes you to his bio on the Canadian Space Agency web site. He was introduced by Ed Robertson, lead singer of the Bare Naked Ladies with whom he co wrote the song “Is Someone Singing” which he performed from the the international space station.

Although no time was scheduled for astronauts to take pictures he was able to take approximately 45000 pictures from the international space station, a vantage point very few individuals will have the privilege of using for their photography. Here is a link to some of his pictures. 

Mr Hadfield is an excellent motivational speaker with a desire to inspire and motivate young people to follow their dreams, which he does very effectively. His pictures from space can help young people put themselves into perspective with the rest of the world and help them shape their dreams and life. When looking at the earth from space one can get a sense of the fragility of the world.

When sharing photography on social media he stressed the importance of commenting on what you liked about a specific photograph or what you were thinking about when you saw or took it to help open up a two way dialogue. His pictures were taken with a Nikon D3 using 400mm, 50mm and a fisheye lens. Although taking photos from space provides one with an excellent vantage point to view earth, the radiation takes a toll on the cameras by damaging the sensors within a few months as individual pixels cease to function.

From his perspective, the best part of being in space is the ability to fly and he characterized the trip as “a really good ride” and recommended it to anyone who has a chance to do it.




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