Sometimes Mistakes Make Good Pictures

I almost deleted the picture shown below when I first looked at it in the camera. I forgot to turn on my main flash so the only light came from my secondary (B channel) flash reflected from an umbrella and a second B channel flash using an EasyGo Speedlite Snoot for hair highlights, thus significantly under exposing the front of the subject. I am glad  I did not delete it as the more I looked at it in Aperture, along with the subject, the more we liked it . The photo is pretty much the way it came from the camera with the exception of some cropping and I believe I tweaked the black levels to darken it slightly. The picture has provided us with some low light ideas we would like to try on our next maternity photo session. I hope you like it.


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2 Responses to Sometimes Mistakes Make Good Pictures

  1. Julie Mundle says:

    What’s fantastic about this is it was effortless for you!

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