You Don’t Have to Look Far to Find an Interesting Picture

I have not been very good about keeping my resolution to take an iPhone picture each day for my blog. Possibly I should  work with someone who is also having difficulty doing something they planned to do so we can motivate and encourage each other. I don’t think I will have to look far, in fact I know someone who is  behind schedule in writing their journal entries who could use and provide encouragement. I should work on that goal as I am impressed with the capabilities of the iPhone camera and camera apps. I am also looking forward to reading the reviews on the Sony QX10 and QX100 smart lenses which will be coming out soon for iPhone and android phones which should add significant power to ones iPhone camera.

Well, back to the picture which was taken when I was enjoying a meal in the Old Spaghetti factory with family and friends. I had already taken pictures of the folks in our party to document the occasion, when I noticed the beautiful designs in the marble table top on which we were eating. I took a couple of shots and this is the one I liked the best. I posted it on Facebook and one of the folks who saw it thought it looked like a satellite image and I agree.


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