Family Photos are Fun – Angie & Mike

I had occasion to spend some time with Angie and Mike and their family a while ago. It is always a nice experience to do family pictures although there are challenges to get the little ones looking at the camera. Maybe we should just accept that small children will not always do that and having them looking in different directions is just the way children are. Here is one picture I liked of only the children from the batch.  More of the photos can be seen in Angie and Mike’s gallery on my Bill’s Photography web site.  The pictures in the gallery are a few that I picked but I like to have the folks for whom I am taking the pictures review and pick from all the shots. I find this works best as they see that special expression or mannerism that only a mother or someone who is involved can be aware of.

DSC_0346 - Version 2

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One Response to Family Photos are Fun – Angie & Mike

  1. angie says:

    We just love this photo Bill! You caught a moment of our childrens love for each other and the baby discovering the world around her.
    Thank you 🙂

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