Sunrise and Fog

Having been impressed with the capabilities of my iPhone 5 Camera Awesome app I made a promise to myself to take a photo with it each day. I must confess that even with the best of intentions I have fallen far short of keeping that promise, but I think the iPhone and app captured some nice shots today.  Unfortunately I can’t even take credit for taking the picture, just the idea to take it and selecting the Camera Awesome treatment after it was taken.  There was a beautiful sunrise and fog driving to Toronto at 6:50 AM this morning, so to be on the safe side I asked my passenger Julie to take a few shots and I believe she got some good ones.

The shot below had the “Rawhide Texture” applied by Camera Awesome which I thought gave it a nice look. I hope you like it.


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One Response to Sunrise and Fog

  1. Julie Mundle says:

    nice pic very fall feeling !

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