A Lighting Experiment – I think it Worked

I enjoy using my flashes which work with the Nikon creative lighting system but unfortunately one does not know what the results will be until the picture has been taken. Furthermore, it is a trial and error process to move the flashes and reflectors to get the desired results, unlike with studio lighting once can not see how changes will effect the results. I saw a LED light stick which is compatible with studio lights and flash at a recent Exposure show that would let one see the effect of moving the lights. The price tag was around $400.00 which was more than I wanted to spend but it did give me an idea.

Julie and I wanted to crate an effect like her portrait shown below and I wondered if I could create it with a $14.00  LED flashlight bounced off a gold reflector. I was pleased with the results and I have provided more details below. What do you think?  Any suggestions for improvement?


Here is a picture of the set up which involved a gold reflector and a flash light which has strips of LED lights attached to a light stand next to the reflector. One could easily see how moving the light, the reflector or Julie affected the lighting. We experimented with the white balance settings and liked the shade setting best, although the other settings produced some interesting effects. I used my Nikon D800 with a 50 mm lens set at 1.8 (aperture priority), shutter speed was 1/50 th second which was a bit low for hand holding the camera and should have been corrected, and ISO 1260.


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