Mother and Daughter – A Joy to Behold

I had the pleasure of taking some photos of Julie and her three month old daughter Elisabeth Eva today. This was one of the last shots I took, it was not planned but I think it is one of my favourites. It is encouraging to see Elizabeth growing and doing so well. Even though she is only three months old I have been photographing her for nearly a year. You can see more photos from today and photos I took to help Julie document each month of her pregnancy in Julie’s gallery.  I provided some technical data on this photo below the picture.


The photo was taken with a Nikon D800, Nikkor 28 – 300 lens at 32mm, ISO 320, manual mode f11, 1/200 second. Lighting was provided by a Nikon SB 910 flash firing through an Aurora Firefly Beauty Box as the primary light with a Nikon SB 900 flash firing through a Wescott umbrella as the secondary light both controlled by the D800 in commander mode. A seamless black paper background and black fabric on the floor provided the background. The photo was edited in Apple Aperture V 3.4.3.

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