The Ultimate Compliment – A Facebook Profile Picture

It is nice to know the photos I take are appreciated and provide others with enjoyment. I keep an eye on the sunrise each morning, sometimes upload them to my Facebook wall where I receive comments from those who enjoy the sunrise. I upload some of my photos to 500px or Flickr photo sharing services and it is encouraging to receive  comments from those who like the photo and nice to see the occasional one reach the “Popular” category on 500px. Possibly  more valuable than the positive comments are the constructive comments which suggest how I could improve some of my photos.

Unlike my daughter Nancy who exhibits her photos and artwork in galleries, I have not progressed to that stage in my photography.  One of the best compliments I can receive, however, is to see one of my photos displayed as a profile picture on someone’s Facebook page.  I have included some of those below and thank my friends for posting  portraits, baby photos and wedding pictures I have taken.

Julie Facebook Profile Jasmine Facebook Profile Jody Facebook Profile

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