aWEARness Runway Performance 2013

I had the pleasure of attending the Conestoga College Visual Merchandising Arts runway performance tonight, an event in which students gain experience by designing outfits, producing videos and organizing and running the event. My purpose in attending was to support the students, gain some photography experience by shooting a new type of event and to possibly add to my Flickr 100 Strangers project.

The 300+ photos are downloading as I start to write this article, but even without seeing them I consider the evening a success. The highlight of the evening was clearly the opportunity to speak with several of the students and hear them share their enthusiasm for the evening and plans for the future.

I uploaded some photos to Flickr to highlight as many of the participants and support crew that I could capture. Click here to view the aWEARness Runway 2013 set. If you were in the show and see your picture please leave a comment on this blog or on your photo in Flickr.

Thanks to Joanne, Laura, Chrissi and Sable who agreed to help me with my Flickr 100 strangers project. I have included their photos below. I will add them to the Flickr 100 Strangers project over the next couple of days and make their names hyperlinks to their photos on Flickr. Also, thanks to Florentina for inviting me to the event. Her picture is included below in her “ice” creation.

Awearness strangers


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