People Really Add to My Enjoyment of Photography # 6 – Aaron

I recently had the privilege of photographing Aaron with his tattoos. Photographing tattoos and the black background we were using were both new to me but I was quite pleased with our first efforts. Aaron’s tattoos tell us much about his life and faith and it was unfortunate that I did not have more time to learn about the significance of each one. Possibly he will comment on this article to tell us more about them.  Also, all the best with your fitness training on Prince Edward Island. Here is a link to Aaron’s web site and here is a link to some more of Aaron’s pictures and pictures with his wife Amber.


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One Response to People Really Add to My Enjoyment of Photography # 6 – Aaron

  1. Aaron Wilson says:

    Hello Bill we just want to thank you again. We were pleased with the great pics you took of Amber and I. You did a great job! Especially considering we gave you limited time for the shoot and it was your first time using the black backround (which we would never have known!) Thank you again, it was a great experience and we really appreciate the time you took with us.

    As for my tattoos and the stories behind them, we may need an afternoon together to get through everything! Lol!!!

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