The Benefits of a Little Post-Processing

Today’s cameras, even the cameras in our phones if properly used, can take a fairly good picture. In spite of our best efforts however, our photos can sometimes benefit from a little tweaking in the computer after they have been taken. I want to emphasize ” a little tweaking” as I have seen portraits which have been changed so radically the subjects look artificial. I recall a comment made by Danny Santos, a Singapore street photographer whose work I follow, that the before versions looked better than the after versions when evaluating some face retouching software. Some photographers may significantly change their images during post processing for artistic purposes and that is fine but when it comes to editing the average portrait, I normally post process to adjust lighting and other levels, remove distractions and crop the portrait to best present the subject.

Here are a few of my favourite shots from a recent fundraiser spaghetti dinner  that I just could not resist tweaking in the computer. I would appreciate your comments to let me know if you like them

WFM_2752 - Version 2

DSC_5241 - Version 2


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