People Really Add to My Enjoyment of Photography # 5 – Julie

This article is the fifth in a series about how people I encountered while pursuing my photography have made my photography and my life more enjoyable. This article features Julie.  To see the other articles, click on the name of the people who were featured in the article; Facebook Friends, Jody, Stefan, and Jasmine.

As with the case with some of my subjects,  I did not meet Julie as a result of photographing her. But like with the others, I learned more about her by taking her photograph and she helped me with  my photography especially an aspect which I had not previously considered undertaking – maternity photos. Before we get to the maternity photos, however, we worked on some casual and more formal individual and family portraits, engagement and wedding photos, special occasions shots and most recently a series of monthly shots to provide her with a record of her pregnancy in pictures. A nice thing about taking a series of the same shots each month, one hopefully learns from ones mistakes and has another opportunity to get it right next month. We didn’t quite make it through the planned maternity shots as Elizabeth Eva decided to come into this world before her planned due date, but now we are on to a new type of photography, newborn babies.

I have included below, one of my first pictures of Julie and Elizabeth. I am also providing a link to Julie’s gallery where you will find more of her pictures and to Julie and Steve’s gallery where  you can view their engagement, wedding and some family pictures. Wishing all the best to you and your new family Julie and thank you for helping me with my photography.

Elizabeth 3

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