Canadian Street Photography

I have been reading a book “The New Street Photographer’s Manifesto”  by Tanya Nagar and it inspired me to go outside this morning to take a street photograph. The only problem is that I live in Canada, it is February and we are currently under a snow warning as is much of Eastern Canada and the USA. I did not have a lot of choices on who to photograph as there was only one neighbour in sight shovelling his driveway.  I’ll post his photo later as I want to make some notes as I am processing it so I am posting this one he took of me which I have already processed.  The photo was taken with an iPhone 5 Camera Awesome app. I realized after I processed it in Camera Awesome, I should have made some notes on the effects and filters I used, which I will do when I post my neighbour’s photo. Here is a taste of a Canadian winter for you. I hope your streets are a little more interesting.


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