Canadian Street Photography II

As a follow up to my last article, I committed to provide some details about processing a photo in the iPhone. I used the camera awesome app to both take and edit the photo. Check out the camera awesome web site for a comprehensive description of the the app but I will tell you what I did to this particular photo. No settings were selected prior to taking the picture which is an option if one wants to have a series of photos with similar effects.  I recalled the photo from the camera roll several hours after taking it. I cropped it slightly, applied an fx treatment and a filter but I did not apply any textures or a frame which are other available options. I chose the fx treatment “Band Camp” and filter “Faded Sepia”

See the picture below for the final results. You may like it or you may not but the point I am trying to make is that there is a significant amount of capability to edit and save a new version of a photo right within this app. A multitude of other apps which provide a wider range of editing capability are available but I am pleased with this one so far.


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