Blogging My IPhoneography

While reading Stephanie Calabrese Roberts book on iPhoneography (using the iPhone as a camera) I was encouraged to consider publishing some of my iPhone photographs in my photography blog. I took some night shots with both my iPhone and my D800 Nikon in Stratford this evening and thought I would publish one of the shots this way from Tim Horton’s coffee shop.

As it is much easier to use the WordPress app on the iPad, my plan was to write the article there and pick the photo up on photo stream. First challenge, the photo is not yet on photo stream in the pad, not sure what the hold up is. well, lets mail it from the iPhone to the iPad. I did that 20 minutes ago and it has not yet arrived. I am running out of time, however, so I guess I’ll have to wait until I get home for the photo to show up and continue the process using my iPad to publish the blog to see how it works.

Home safely and the photo arrived in the iPad both in photo stream and via e-mail. Lets use the photo stream version and see what it looks like.

See some of the other shots I took on Flickr


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