I added a New Camera to My Collection

Several months ago I attended a gallery where my daughter and her photographer friend were exhibiting their photographs. My daughter Nancy’s photos were taken mainly with her Nikon but the photos displayed by her friend Jennifer Reedie, which were impressive,  were all taken with her iPhone.  I concluded from Jennifer’s pictures that an iPhone takes good enough pictures to be considered a serious camera.

I was becoming more dissatisfied with my Blackberry as time passed (recurring synchronization problems, very slow to load apps compared to my iPad) so I upgraded to an iPhone 5, having heard good reports about its camera and the photography apps which are available for it. So the iPhone 5 is my new camera and to date I have been very pleased with it.

I came across a book “The Art of iPhoneography” by Stephanie Calabrese Roberts in Chapters which has been a great resource as it highlights several of the more popular apps, profiles of photographers using the iPhone and provides some exercises to spark ones creativity in using their iPhone cameras. Only time will tell if the exercises work.

The photo I included below is one of the first I took with the iPhone on one of my morning walks and I was pleased with the results. What do you think?


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One Response to I added a New Camera to My Collection

  1. poise101 says:

    I like your shot Bill. I think you’ll enjoy the iPhone!

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