Those Moments Between

I came across a photo I liked which I thought had an interesting title and write up, because I recently discussed the same topic with a couple of folks I have photographed.  I think the subject is worthwhile, both for the photographer and person being photographed . The photograph was taken by Elliott Steel a UK photographer I came across on Flickr.

Although I enjoy many types of photography, my current interest is photographing people. Candid photos can be nice but taking the photograph can be much more enjoyable if the photographer has the opportunity to interact with the person being photographed. That interaction may be for only a moment or two if taking a picture for the 100 Strangers Project or it may be for a couple of hours for a photo session.

But to get back to my main point. There are those shots one plans to take and there are there are the unplanned shots in between the main ones which often turn out to be the best shots of the photo session. These are the shots Elliott Steel is talking about which is illustrated in the photo  “Those Moments Between” I have posted below with his permission. Elliott has captured a split second in time in between Roz’s laugh and  smile. I like the photo sessions I conduct to be fun for both the subject and myself because that only makes photography more enjoyable, but it provides a lot more opportunities to capture those special “moments between”. Thanks Elliott for sharing the photo and your observations.

Those moments between

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