The Down Side of Upgrading

Anyone who works with technology knows that as soon as one purchases some electronic device off the shelf it starts to become obsolete and its maker is already working on the the next model of their product.  This certainly applies to photography, to the cameras we use to take the pictures, the computers we use to edit them and to the printers, web sites and devices we use to display and share them.

Some months ago I added a Nikon D800 camera to my camera bag and looked forward to working with a full format DSLR. I certainly have not been disappointed and I very much enjoy using the camera and the pictures I am able to produce with it.  The challenges and the downside of upgrading started to become apparent when I downloaded the first batch of pictures from the D800.  I normally shoot raw files with my D300s because it provides me with more flexibility to edit the pictures in the computer and I continued to do the same with the D800. What I did not consider when selecting the D800 is that it creates a significantly larger file than the D300s which is very apparent because of the time it takes to download the files and the rate at which the available room on my hard drive starts to disappear as it stores the files. It is also apparent when editing the files as it takes longer to open and save the them and I often have to stop and wait for my computer to catch up before making the next move.  In fairness to my iMac though, it has served me well over the years but it is now several generations old and its 2.4 GHZ processor and 2 GB of memory simply struggles a bit to handle the larger files.

The solution is another upgrade. I have not figured out what the downside is yet but but a new iMac with a 2.9 GHZ core i5 processor, 16 GB memory and a 1 TB fusion drive should certainly improve the downloading and editing process. It has been ordered and I await its arrival early in 2013.

Google ChromeScreenSnapz002

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One Response to The Down Side of Upgrading

  1. Paul O"Brien says:

    that looks like a nice upgrade bill.

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