People Really Add to My Enjoyment of Photography # 4 – Jasmine

When I decided to seriously work on my portrait photography skills, Jasmine was the first person who helped me by posing for some portrait shots.  She sat patiently while I experimented with various camera and flash settings to see how they changed the resulting image. I had a good camera, but my lighting equipment consisted of only one flash which presented some limitations, a challenge I have since overcome. We persisted, however, and eventually produced some images with which I was pleased.  Jasmine may not have been quite as pleased with some of the first pictures, but she did not give up on me and agreed to try again. Additional sessions involved a combination of candid and posed shots and included a fall portrait series with her daughter, a birthday party, hallowe’en, a French cafe, engagement photos and a few other special occasions. Jasmine has also been very helpful in recommending me to friends and we did some photos for her work ReNu Health & Wellness for which I am very thankful.

It has been encouraging and rewarding to work with Jasmine because I have enjoyed the challenge of taking the pictures and I have been able to leave Jasmine, her family and friends with some photographic memories which they will hopefully treasure for many years. I am not sure what our next photography project will be, but I look forward to it as she is always a joy to work with.

WFM_3778 - Version 2

The picture below is from our most recent photo shoot. We were both pleased with it so I thought I should add it here.


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