And The Winners Are . . . .

On November 7th I announced a contest which would provide two folks with a free one hour photo session, with the draw to take place on November 30th. Well, November 30th has come and gone and I am pleased to announce the winners. One winner was to be chosen by my wife based on selecting the most deserving person from the stories which were submitted. The second winner was chosen by a draw from folks who entered the contest.

Well, selecting a winner did not turn out to be a very difficult process because there were two photo sessions to be given away and there were only two entries.  I hoped for more interest, because a photo session can be a fun experience and provide lasting memories, but I am thankful for the two entries and look forward to working with the winners.

Winner #1 is Fatima who is a nurse to Emily and her name was entered by Emily’s mother Lindsey. Winner #2 is Louna whose name was entered by her friend Julie. I look forward to working with Fatima and Louna at a mutually convenient time in the near future. Congratulations on your win.

You may want to look at the family portrait ideas on my Pinterest board for suggestions on the type of portrait you might like.

I unfortunately do not et have a picture of Fatima but I provided a photo of Luna which I took at Julie’s wedding.


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