Create a Precious Memory with a FREE One Hour Photo Session

I advised last week I would be announcing a project on November 7th  to provide someone with a free one hour photo shoot.  You may ask why and here is the answer.  November 7th is my birthday; I have certainly been blessed because I can’t think of anything I particularly need or want for myself so I thought I should give something away.  What I would like to give away is two one hour photo sessions and this article explains how I plan to give them away and how you can participate.

  • Comment on this article stating you want to enter the contest to receive one chance to win. The draw will take place on November 30th. The session will be scheduled as soon as mutually convenient.
  • You can increase your chance to win. Liking Bill’s Photography Facebook page and every comment on a Bill’s Photography blog article will give you an additional chance in the draw. If you use Flickr or 500px commenting on any of my 500px photos or Flickr photos will also give you another chance.
  • The second session will be awarded on the basis of who most deserves to receive a free photo shoot based on the story you submit. Please tell us why you or someone you know should receive it by responding to this article. My wife with input from some friends will choose one most deserving winner.

The winners will receive a one hour photo session which can take place anywhere within a 200 kilometre radius of New Hamburg, ON. The best edited photos from the photo shoot will be made available for viewing on line and may be downloaded for your use or printing from Bill’s Photography web site within 30 days of the photo shoot.

To help you select the type of photo you might want, please check Bill’s Photography web site or the photo ideas I have collected on Pinterest.

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9 Responses to Create a Precious Memory with a FREE One Hour Photo Session

  1. Happy Birthday! After a bit of thought, someone in our life comes to mind in regards to your generous offer. We have two nurses who have worked here for four years with our middle child Emily who suffers from a life threatening illness which now confines her to her hospital bed 24/7. The one nurse who works the most hours (4 out of 5 days a week) is Fatima. Fatima is still recovering from recent major surgery but still comes in because she cannot bear to be away for long from Emily. She lives quite near us with her wonderful husband and two children, 13 (a daughter) and 18 (a son). They are a beautiful and very hard-working family but have a difficult time making ends meet. They have never had a professional family photograph. It would be a WONDERFUL gift for an exceptional family!!!

    • Thank you for your recommendation Lindsey. You continue to amaze and encourage me. You have more on your plate caring for Emily and the rest of your family than anyone else I know, but in spite of that you have found time to care about and recommend Fatima. Thank you again and you and Emily will continue to be in Brenda’s and my prayers.

  2. Julie MUNDLE says:

    I love your work ! I have the best memories in pictures that you have taken . My Friends family , my Wedding , now my Pregnancy! Thank you ! I nominate my best friend LOUNA and her new family for this . She is the kind of person whome works hard , loves everyone and still always is there for me and her family of over 20 sibblings . She never expects anything in return . So this would be very nice for her and her family.

  3. Julie MUNDLE says:

    If anyone knows someone they would like to nominate for this Free photo Session leave a reply on this blog and tell him why you or some one else deserve to win! It could be for your self, a family member, a friend, Teacher , a Doctor any one at all!!! ITS totaly free and BILL is a amazing Photographer!

    • Thank you Julie for your comments. It has been my pleasure to help you record and make memories of these special occasions in your life. As Brenda and I have now come to realize these pictures become even more precious with the passage of time. I look forward to completing your monthly maternity pictures and recording some of your precious moments with Elizabeth Eva when she arrives.

      Thank you for your complements about my photography but you deserve much of the credit for your patience as we experimented with many lighting and camera settings before getting the picture we were looking for. Thanks also for nominating your friend Louna.

  4. jazz says:

    i’m workin on it… but it looks like you have some reall winners there… some lovely people who could really use this great chance 🙂

    • Thanks Jazz, I appreciate how helpful you have been to my photography by posing and finding other opportunities for me. I will have more to say about that in my “People Really Add to My Enjoyment of Photography” series of articles.

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  6. See the article “And the Winners Are . . . ” to learn who won the contest.

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