People Really Add to My Enjoyment of Photography # 3 – Stefan

This article is the third in a series about how people I encountered while pursuing my photography interests have made my photography more enjoyable. The first article highlighted the benefits of posting ones photos to Facebook and the second highlighted a photo session with Jody. This one is about Stefan Chirila.

I first encountered Stefan at the busker festival in 2011 when I asked to take his portrait for my Flickr Portraits of Strangers project. He agreed and that first picture is included below.

I learned Stefan was a professional photographer and he invited me to attend his Photographing Consciously workshop. I found his workshop to be very helpful as I heard about things I learned in the past but needed to be reminded about and also learned new skills. Interaction with other workshop participants was also enjoyable very beneficial. Stefan and I have coffee occasionally and have worked together on photo shoots and a wedding all of which were very enjoyable. As I think about it, we likely would not have met if it was not for photography. Stefan, please leave a comment to fill in anything I may have overlooked.

You can check out Stefan’s website here and his Facebook photography page here.

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