People Really Add to My Enjoyment of Photography # 1 – Facebook Friends

Photographers get enjoyment from many aspects of their profession or hobby. It can come from the satisfaction of capturing a beautiful sunrise or sunset, a nice scenery shot, macro shot. There is satisfaction in just taking a picture and enjoying it yourself.  I enjoy that satisfaction but I get even more from the people aspects of photography and I would like to address that aspect of my photography in a few short articles.

I plan to start broad then narrow the articles down to recognize a few individuals who have been very helpful to me in pursuing my photography interests.  If you are following my blog I think you know who you are so be forewarned as I will be focusing on you, not in front of the camera but in my blog. Some have been helpful with their encouraging feedback, some  from a teaching and a technical perspective,  while others have contributed by spending time in front of my camera.

I have spoken with several folks lately who take photographs but they don’t use any of the on line opportunities to share them. I believe they are missing out on a very rewarding aspect of photography. Here are a couple of examples:

I frequently take pictures of the sunrise and when I have time I will post them on my Facebook page. From the comments received,  I know at least some of my Facebook friends appreciate the shots as I frequently will receive “likes” or “comments” from across Canada and the USA and other parts of the world.  It is nice to know others enjoy the sunrises and even nicer when they take time to comment.

Here is a link to more sunrise / sunset shots on Bill’s Photography

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6 Responses to People Really Add to My Enjoyment of Photography # 1 – Facebook Friends

  1. The following comment was posted to my Facebook page so I thought I should put a copy here:

    Jodi Krahn: I like your article and I agree that sharing our pics and getting feedback including “likes” is encouraging and rewarding. What I like about your pictures is that they are simple, everyday things: people (those whom you love and those who you dont even know, sunrise and sunsets, the moon, nature etc… It reminds me to find beauty in everything, to notice the details and to celebrate everyday miracles that I often take for granted. So keep it up Bill and keep sharing, and thank you for sharing!

    Thank you so much for your comments Jody.


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  4. David Kvapil says:

    Bill I have been enjoying taking a look through your pictures and a fine eye you most certainly do have! I am looking forward to you doing some pictures for us (Dheana and I). We are true believers in using pictures to tell a story and to deliver a message without any words. I look forward to sharing our take on what self defence pictures should look like and of course share these to our facebook followers for as well as where ever we post them like pinterst, etc…I am looking forward to making exciting pictures that others will want to comment on and share!

    • Thanks for your comment David. Your program to provide women with on line guidance and tips to enable them to defend themselves is commendable and I am impressed with the web site you and Dheana have developed to help them.

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