Equipping for Shooting Winter Portraits

I know one can create some beautiful portraits outside in the winter but my situation is such that I may have a better opportunities to take portraits inside than out. Selecting a time when there is good window light, which is convenient for my subjects and myself, may be a challenge so I decided I better plan to create my own light inside. I have a couple of Nikon flashes (SB 900 and SB 910) which work with the Nikon creative lighting system, but the light from them may be a bit harsh without some modifiers.

Some of the shots I plan will involve one or two subjects but there there are also some situations where there will be group shots involving five to eleven persons. I saw the Aurora Firefly Beauty Box demonstrated by Dave Karaiskos at Henry’s Cameras in Waterloo recently and I was impressed with what he did with it. It unfortunately is not suitable for the larger groups so I chose a couple of Wescott collapsable umbrellas specifically for the larger groups but they can be used to shoot the light through or bounce in many different situations. Now the challenge will be to master using them to get the desired results.

I took this test shot of myself tonight with the Aurora Firefly. I am including it, not as an example of a good shot, which it is not, but to emphasize how much I am in need of some good subjects to work with who have enough patience to sit through different light positions and camera settings.  I’ll go back to my faithful supporters who I am grateful have helped me in the past but please send anyone my way who is willing to trade some modelling time for the photos we are able to create. It should be a fun time and I believe we will eventually get some good shots.

Please leave a comment on this blog if you would like to help or know someone who might help or contact me by e-mail.

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