What Subjects Most Interest You – Follow Up

A few days ago I posted a blog article entitled “What Subjects Interest You Most” to help provide me with some direction about the content of my photography blog.  I thank those who replied and provided suggestions:

  • Black & white photos of decaying zones, buildings, people
  • Stories behind my photos with a preference on children and animals
  • and one comment I received on Twitter
    hich focuses on the technical aspects of taking a photo.

I tried to include the latter “Twitter” comment as a comment to the original blog and discovered that WordPress, or at least the version I am using, does not permit including pictures or anything other than text in blog replies.

I appreciate the feedback I received and I will try to use it in writing future blog articles. I already followed up on Judy’s request for stories behind the photos with a focus on children with my “A Favourite Kids Photo – Moparfest 2012” .  I have not had an opportunity to photograph any decaying buildings which I would like to do but I do have a suggestion regarding the comment from twitter. One of the photographers I follow on Flickr, Randi Scott often provides quite a bit of the technical details behind his photographs. I agree with the comment from Twitter that this is very helpful to read, although sometimes the comments are about setting up sophisticated lighting equipment which I can’t do without the equipment. Here is one of Randi Scott’s self portraits to provide you with an example of his excellent work and encourage you to visit him on Flickr.

Thanks for your comments and please keep them coming.

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2 Responses to What Subjects Most Interest You – Follow Up

  1. Randi Scott says:

    Thank you Bill for the nice compliment and also for the help in promoting my work.

    Little things like this make me smile and are a nice start to my day.

    Randi Scott

    • Thanks for your comment Randi and also for sharing my blog on your Facebook photography page. It got me three more “likes” on my Bill’s Photography Facebook page which were greatly appreciated.

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