My Photography & the Internet

As I stop to think about it my involvement with photography would not be nearly as rewarding without the internet. Here is a brief overview of the services I use which add to my enjoyment of photography.

The purpose of this article is to provide a brief overview of the internet related services I use to support my photography. I may expand on  some of them in future articles.

  • My Bill’s Photography web site is my main photography site hosted by Photoshelter. It provides the features I require to display my photos, share them with friends and clients on public and private forums and it enables me to sell downloaded or printed photos directly on line, a feature I have not yet enabled.
  • My photography blog (what you are reading now) is hosted by WordPress and it will hopefully provide a forum forum to discuss various aspects of my photography.
  • I have a Bills Photography page on Facebook  which can be used to share photos and photography tips with Facebook friends. If you have not done so already,  I invite you to “Like” it
  • I have a Bill MacKay account on Flickr which has been useful to share photos, learn from others photographers and participate in projects such as Portraits of 100 Strangers.
  • 500px is a Toronto based photo sharing site which displays some of the highest quality photographs I have come across. Here is a link to my photos on 500px.
  • Instagram is a popular photo sharing service used by the iPhone and iPad. It can’t be accessed directly except by these devices but Gramfeed permits sharing photos posted from my iPad.
  • My Pinterest account is a great service for saving photos and ideas for photos and sharing those ideas with others.
  • I use twitter extensively to support other on line networking but i have just recently set up @BillsPictures Twitter account to support my photography. 
  • Google has some excellent photo sharing features in Picasa and Google +. I have accounts on those services but have not used them extensively.

I provided a screen shot of my Pinterest boards below to some of the categories in which I record and share photo ideas.


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