What Photography Subject Most Interests You?

I believe some of my effort to improve my photography should be devoted to a photography blog. I read that somewhere. It is one of the things that “THEY” say you should do but I believe they are right because it provides a way to connect with like minded folks to discuss photography.

Writing a blog is a challenge though, and it is even more challenging if nobody is interested in reading it or commenting on it. I know that from my personal experience in writing and promoting emergency management related blog articles. It is somewhat discouraging when an article is viewed 600 – 700 times but no one takes the time to comment on, agree or disagree with what the author has written.

That is why I am writing this article – to find out what if any photography topic you might be interested in reading and discussing (that means commenting on it). I am not committing to a specific frequency and I welcome guest articles from fellow photographers but I would like to get started soon. I listed a few topics below on which I could write a few articles to start the discussion but we are not limited to them.  I look forward to hearing from you.

  • The Internet and photography – How I use it and feel I benefit from it.
  • The stories behind some photographs I have taken
  • The photography projects on which I am currently working

An because this is a photography blog, I have to include a picture. Here is one I took on my morning walk last week. I am enjoying the fall colours.

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5 Responses to What Photography Subject Most Interests You?

  1. Alvaro Sedlacek says:

    Dear Bill,
    First of all, I am not a photographer myself, although I have always enjoyed photography. Second, I do not believe I have a preferred subject, but black and white photos of decaying zones, building or people have always attracted me – God knows why.
    I read your post from a facebook “share” by Humberto Souza and as I started and closed blogs for the very same reasons you stated so well, I guess I am ready to take the time and comment on your articles, should you take the time to share them with me (as I do not click “likes” on facebook anymore).

    • Thank you Alvaro for taking time and being the first one to comment on my photography blog. I am impressed and honoured the first comment has come all the way from Sao Paulo Brazil. Many thanks to Humberto Souza for passing on the link. I have been following and enjoying his daughter Melina’s photography for some time.

      Although I have not taken black and white pictures as you have described, I agree they are an ideal medium for photographing decaying items. I will need to try that some time but there are unfortunately more opportunities than available time.

      The fact that your comment has come from so far away encourages me to say more on the subject “The Internet & Photography” because its sharing / commenting capability adds a whole new dimension to photography.

  2. Judy Graves says:

    Bill, I would very much be interested in reading the stories behind the photos. Enjoy your photos and comments. I love pictures of animals or small children.

    • Thanks Judy, your comment is appreciated. I would very much like to comment on some of my photos and many of my most treasured ones are of small children and animals. A Also have stories behind pictures of the 75 or so vehicles I have owned which might be of interest to you and George but none are quite as exotic as your Model T Ford that you use to tour the country.

  3. Here is a link for Alvaro to a B&W picture of an old building posted on 500px by Engin Erol from Istanbul. http://500px.com/photo/16392999

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