Bill’s Photography Update – May 2012

Just a few thoughts about my photography, reflecting back on the goals I set for 2012.

Considering my desire to focus on portrait photography, 2012 has been relatively slow because of limited opportunities to get out and limited number of folks willing to stand in the cold to have their picture taken. Now that the weather is warming, I look forward to getting out more and working on my Portraits of Strangers projects. I am thankful to have the opportunity to photograph a couple of weddings which should also provide an opportunity for numerous portrait shots.

As I browse photo sharing sites such as Flickr, 500px and Instagram (viewed on Gramfeed) I periodically come across shots I like and want to remember for my own photography projects. I have just started to use Pinterest to record these shots to help me remember them and to enable me to share them with prospective clients. I had previously been using Evernote to capture these images, which works well, but Pinterest allows me to share the shots I come across with others with a link back to the original site. I believe Pinterest can also be set up to let others pin favourite shots to my photography boards, so let me know if you would like to contribute.

I will continue to use Evernote because it provides an excellent platform on which to document my photography goals, details of projects on which I am working and tips for shooting different types of photos. Once entered this information is instantly available on my Blackberry, iPad, PCs and on the web and it can be edited from any of these locations.

I want to say something about the workflow I have developed and how I am using the iPad andPhotoshelter but I think I will keep that for another article.

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