Update # 2 Portraits of 100 Strangers Project

Just a quick update on my participation in the portraits of 100 strangers project which I am very much enjoying. It seems that the more photos I take, the more I enjoy it. I have included some highlights of the project below.

This photo provides an overview of everyone I have photographed in the project to date. Every one in the photo is a unique individual I would not have met if I was not working on the project. Every one has a story and even if I only learned a very little of their story in the brief time I spoke with them, I found it interesting.


When I meet any of the people on the street who are in the above photograph I will have a reason to say hello and I will already know a little bit about them and where I met them before. This is just one of the benefits of the Portraits of 100 strangers project. Check out the 100 Strangers group on Flickr to see other participants in the project from around the world and a little story about each of them.

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