500px An Impressive New Photo Sharing Service

Here are a few lines and a link to 500px a new site for photographers to which I was recently introduced.

500px.com is the web address of an imressive service for photographers that a contact on Google+ recently introduced me to. What also interested me is that it is provided by a Toronto, Ontariocompany. Here is a link about them.

The first thing that impressed me was the quality of the photographs and the way they are displayed featuring popular, editor’s choice, and upcoming photographers. The service provides member profiles, friends, tracks activity, provides a wall on which comments can be left and an individual member’s blog chanel. There is also a site blog chanel which can be followed. It has some nice features whereby one can map their personal domain to their profile and use Google Analytics to track activity on their photographs.  There is a free basic service and an enhanced service for $50 per year. There is also a provision for selling ones prints through Fotomoto and plans to be able to sell prints from ones profile at some future date.

500px.com is a modern online community for photographers from all over the world. Over 2,000,000 unique monthly visitors. 300% traffic growth over the last six months. Check it out for yourself.

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