Google + and Photography

I just received a Google + invitation I have been hoping to get for some time, not from Google but from a fellow emergency manager in the USA who had an invitation to spare. Emergency management and social media as it relates to emergency and crisis management is my primary reason for wanting Google + but I would also like to use it for photography.

To follow up on my last blog article on Portraits of Strangers I was pleasantly surprised to find a portrait that was taken not far from home, so it was encouraging to find a fellow Canadian participating in the project. Here is a link to the photo.

I am just starting to find my way around Google + and see it has tremendous potential to network publicly and privately within different groups or circles as Google refers to them. From a photography perspective it integrates with Google’s Picasa and brings your Picasa albums into Google +. I had a Picasa account to which I uploaded four pictures a few years ago so that will be another technology I will have to learn to most effefctively use Google +. If I understand the process correctly, once your photos are in Picasa you will be able to share them within your various Google + circles.

The main purpose in writing this article is to see if I can locate some photography related folks and circles in Google + so if you are there lets connect in a circle. This link should take you to my Google + profile.

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