Some Thoughts about the Portraits of 100 Strangers Project

A page of my photography website is devoted to a project in which photographers are required to take pictures of 100 strangers (with permission – not candid photos) and I am learning from the resources available on it.

Each day I try my best to visit the Flickr 100 Strangers Group to see what new photos have been posted. Sometimes I visit the group on the web with my PC but more often  I use the FlickStackr appon my iPad while having my coffee break at Tim Horton’s. I must admit that I have not yet found the time or is it courage to begin the project myself but my daily thoughts about the project are helping me get closer to start. Danny Santos Tips on How to Shoot Street Portraits provide excellent instruction and you can see from the video on my 100 Strangers page that they have certainly produced excellent results for him.  I am finding the Flickr Group Pool to be very helpful also. This pool contains the pictures that photographers from around the world have posted while participating in the project. I have found this very helpful because it has caused me to look around wherever I am and try to identify folks that I think would be ideal candidates to photograph for the project. I saw one yesterday at the coffee shop and again today at a restaurant – Now on to the next step – The courage to ask permission to take the portrait and start the project.

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